Who we are

The Uganda Private Security Association (TUPSA) is the umbrella body of over 320 Private Security companies registered in Uganda. The sector employs over 60,000 personnel, the majority of them being private security personnel.

The other categories are Human Resource Managers, Accountants, secretaries, technicians and other experts. This vibrant industry has attracted local and foreign investors and it could soon be one of the largest tax paying sector.

It is supervised by The Uganda Police Force to which it plays a complimentary role of protecting the life and property of Ugandans. The sector employs age groups 18-45 with exception of senior managers who are above 50 years.

Officially, the level of education ranges from ‘O’ Level Completion, Diploma Holders and university graduates, the bulk of personnel are ordinary Ugandans who fall under informal job market; the jobless or those engaged informal ‘jua kali’ jobs.

In this respect, the sector creates jobs and sucks from population, a group of individuals who would have found a way into the criminal world or added to the unemployment statistics.

Apart from the basic training of guards, we are keen to introduce our personnel in detection of crime and crime networks, anti-terror techniques as well as specialized training for guards deployed for instance at Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Factories, Mines etc. as each have got unique criminal networks operating around them and crimes that can be handled effectively by well-trained personnel.

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Vision and Mission
TUPSA looks to becoming an associate member of Southern Africa Security Officers Board and develop a similar organization for East Africa.
Mission Statement
  • Provide excellent security of life, property and assistance to our clients
  • Enjoy a harmonious relationship with Police, employees and Unions
  • Values
    To adopt a standard whereby all private security companies, offer similar basic terms and conditions to employees and staff, adopt common training standards and comply with the Police regulations, observe employment and labour laws, and assess the impact of Trade Unions after their acceptance and regulations in Private Security Organizations (PSO’s).
    Membership Benefits
    • Collective bargaining on laws, regulations, insurance, textiles, automobiles, training of personnel at discounted rates or free.
    • Discounted rates on training courses related to the security sector.
    • Industry representation at major local and international industry exhibitions.
    • Personal contact and networking opportunities with other security practitioners.
    • TUPSA members have the opportunity to submit Skills Development Plans and get assistance with assessments and annual grant claims.
    • Liaise with government bodies to ensure members are kept informed of all proposed legislation and relevant statutes pertaining to the industry
    • Liaison with related bodies in Uganda and overseas affiliated associations to ensure continuity of knowledge on the latest developments on security.
    • PR, Media and Marketing opportunities.
    • Full access to the TUPSA Website.
    • Access to a central administration office which provides personal contacts with all members where you are a name and not a number.
    • Representation at a local and national government level through a recognized body.
    The Uganda Private Security Association (TUPSA) is nationally recognized by the Government and the public with members having a proven track record within the industry and a Code of Ethics, by which members must abide.
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    Board Members
    Grace Matsiko
    Grace Matsiko
    Philippe Chollet
    Vice Chairman
    Sam Rogers Wairagala
    Sam Rogers Wairagala
    Moses Matsiko
    Moses Matsiko
    Executive Member
    Dr. Kellen Kayonga
    Dr. Kellen Kayonga
    Executive Member
    Al-Hajji Yassin Ssekamatte
    Executive Member
    Address details
    • Global House
    • Plot 8 Buyinja Lane, Nakawa
    • Kampala, Uganda
    Email address
    • tupsauganda@gmail.com
    Telephone number
    • Phone: +256 753 622258
    • Office: +256 782 068902
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